SolarCity, BMW partner on EV marketing campaign


As part of a new partnership between California-based SolarCity and BMW, owners of the German automaker’s new BMW i electric cars will receive a 10% discount on SolarCity’s home solar offer with flexible financing options, including no upfront installation cost and 20 years of locked-in solar energy rates.

The discount will be available with the purchase of any BMW i vehicle at all participating BMW i Centers in SolarCity’s 14-state service territory.

SolarCity’s business model makes it possible for many homeowners to install solar panels with no upfront costs and pay less for solar electricity than they currently pay for utility bills, with insurance, repairs and monitoring service included.

"This partnership makes the more sustainable fuel option — emissions-free solar electricity — also the more affordable one," said SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive. "By making renewable energy far more accessible and affordable for its customers, BMW is helping to bring clean transportation into the mainstream."

Rob Healey, BMW’s EV infrastructure manager, added that there was a strong connection between owning electric vehicles and adopting solar energy for the home.

"Experience with our MINI E and ActiveE field trials has demonstrated that driving electric is a lifestyle where customers gain a keen understanding of their driving habits beyond driving and are often inspired to find ways to live more sustainably. With help from SolarCity, BMW i customers will have the opportunity to maximize the commitment to sustainability. This reinforces the entire concept behind the BMW i3, which is engineered and produced by the most sustainable manufacturing process in the automotive industry."

BMW is featuring SolarCity’s service in its 360° Electric portfolio of innovative products and services to support its burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) market.

BMW’s 360º Electric portfolio encompasses the company’s "vision of holistic electric mobility, which extends past the vehicle itself to include the realms of charging infrastructure and home energy use."