Chinese PV installations to reach 12 GW in 2014


According to a report by NPD Solarbuzz, new solar installations are expected to reach 12 GW — a figure in line with previous forecasts.

New installations include 8 GW of distributed PV generation and 4 GW of ground mounted arrays, with Jiangsu Province expected to have the leading market share with 1.3 GW of quotas in the pipeline, NPD Solarbuzz reported. The provinces of Shandong and Zhejiang followed with 1.2 GW and 1.1 GW, respectively. Other provinces in the top ten quota list include Hebei, Guangdong, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Henan and Gansu.

The published quotas for 2014 should provide confidence to project developers in China and reflects "the positive attitude of the Bureau of Energy towards the rooftop segment," NPD Solarbuzz said.

The Bureau of Energy said allocation to the ground mounted segment could be adjusted based on the progress of installations in 2014.

NPD Solarbuzz added that the increase in solar PV demand from China was "now driving the total Asia Pacific (APAC) baseline forecast to 24 GW for 2014, with an upside as high as 32 GW."

The market research firm added that the increase from the APAC region was a major contributor to its upgrade of global forecasts for 2014 to the 45-55 GW level.

China is again expected to have the greatest demand for solar PV next year.