Trina Solar welcomes EU move


It has been remarkably quiet in the wake of last week’s definitive EU announcement on its anti dumping and anti subsidy investigations into Chinese-made solar products, probably reflecting the decision was merely rubber stamping a move anticipated since the summer.

However, Chinese module giant Trina Solar today broke cover to welcome the decision by the EU to accept the minimum price and export volume deal thrashed out between the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and solar industry and EU trade commissioner Karel de Gucht.

"Trina Solar is committed to complying with, and has been in full compliance with, the price undertaking since its provisional application at the beginning of August this year," Trina chairman and CEO Jifan Gao said in today’s submission to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

"As such, we are exempt from the European Union’s recently announced anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties. We look forward to years of stable growth in the European markets, which will continue to be one of Trina Solar’s most important markets."

Anti subsidy and anti dumping actions were united

The EU opted last week to roll the results of its anti subsidy investigation into the duties – averaging 47.7% – imposed on Chinese-made solar wafers, cells and modules from manufacturers whom had opted not to sign up to the de Gucht deal, the 47.7% figure having originally been imposed as a provisional measure solely for anti-dumping infringements.

With all of China’s major players, including Trina, having signed up to the EU-China deal, the duties imposed definitively on non-signatories merely rubber-stamped the de Gucht arrangement.

Trina’s statement came on the day lobby group AFASE – the Alliance for Affordable Solar Energy – announced it will merge into the Sustainable Energy Trade Initiative (SETI) Alliance.

An AFASE press releasing announcing the move said the lobby group, which was critical of the de Gucht deal to set a minimum module price, was taking the move with ‘the end of the trade investigations in sight.’

AFASE is a coalition of more than 800 solar companies which claims to represent the interests of more than 79,000 EU solar employees.