Berlin startup launches plug & play storage system


Berlin-based startup Qinous will this week unveil its new "Plug & Play" energy storage system at the Energy Storage Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The concept of the "Plug & Play" is based upon supplying off-grid regions with cost-efficient renewable energy, with the creators of the system stating that it enables energy and C02 savings while being 100% renewable.

The startup is being financed by local investment group VC Fonds technologie Berlin, which is managed by IBB beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH. Qinous intends for the system to be of use for remote villages, islands or single consumers such as hotels, hospitals or factories. The "Plug & Play" system is compact, portable and easy to install, and can also be integrated into existing island energy systems with the minimum of effort, reducing planning, commissioning and installation costs.

"We were ultimately convinced by the idea as well as the spirit of innovation of the Qinous founding team," said IBB Beteiligungsgeselleschaft senior investment manager, Stephan Schulze.

For the founder and MD of Qinous, Steffen Heinrich, the funding has enabled the startup to develop its idea from prototype into fully fledged energy storage solar solution. "Being financed by VC Fonds technologie Berlin is an important milestone in the development of our business and our technology that is eventually leading to a worldwide reduction of C02 emissions," he said.

"Today, remote regions are generally supplied by expensive and polluting diesel generators. The Qinous system is a sustainable and cost-efficient alternative that is able to considerably reduce C02 emissions in the target regions of Asia-Pacific, South America, Canada and Africa."

The Energy Storage Conference in Düsseldorf runs from March 25-27.