Greenpower Capital expands landowner solar program in Japan


California-based Greenpower Capital has expanded a program for leasing

and purchasing private and government land to build PV plants in Japan.

The green energy advisory firm, which also operates offices in Tokyo and Toronto, provides early-stage development capital as well as solar site development, financing and project construction with its business partners.

Since entering the Japanese market in 2012, Greenpower has negotiated several land leases and purchases in its Mega Solar Partner Program, which is targeted to help developers who have METI approval and site control. Greenpower is now expanding the program to target landowner and use right holders who have land of various sizes from 10 to 20 hectares without any METI approvals.

"Utilizing state-of-the-art software, we can analyze sites and may be able to find ways to build solar parks on land where landowners may not realize this is

possible," said Jeff Talbert, Greenpower Capital’s senior vice president in charge of solar project development. "To meet the needs of landowners, our

software will rapidly evaluate the site and determine what grading can be done to support a solar park."

Greenpower can execute leases for 20 years or acquire land at prices that are attractive to landowners due to the economic value of building solar parks on their land, acording to the company, which added that it works closely with partners Nishimura and Asahi to ensure all leases and acquisitions are correct.

Clear qualification criteria

To be eligible for this program, land should meet the following criteria:

  • 10 to 200 hectares
  • Power line nearby
  • Forest land is acceptable
  • Non-agricultural zoning or able to be rezoned easily
  • Abandoned land is acceptable: golf courses, agricultural or salt land
  • Minimal grading results in higher prices for landowners

Greenpower said it is prepared to assist local landowners in meeting the criteria.