Hanergy expands operations in Silicon Valley


Hanergy is setting up a new division in California’s Silicon Valley in order to better promote and market the company’s thin-film products around the globe.

Hanergy Chairman Li Hejun will serve as chairman and chief executive officer of the newly established Hanergy Product Development Group, which will comprise seven business units as well as a product development center located in Beijing.

In addition to the group’s existing turnkey line business, the new Product Development Group will focus on product development, production of high quality and high end products and the establishment of sales channels aimed at direct sales and cooperation.

Describing Northern California’s Silicon Valley as "an important base for product development," Hanergy said the region was also an attractive location that offered multiple advantages in terms of its geography and human resources.

"In particular, Silicon Valley is renowned for having one of the highest numbers of high technology industries in the world, including the headquarters of numerous leading technology companies, pooling of some of the leading engineers and scientists, experts in the field of applications in novel technological advancements, and possesses extensive reach in research resources," the company said.

Hanergy added that its existing production line and technology development center already boasted a large number of technical experts and a leading position in the area of thin-film power generation. Going forward, Hanergy said the establishment of the Product Development Group in Silicon Valley would generate synergistic effects by leveraging its existing resources for the development of consumer related products.

In addition, the company said it was targeting global customers and stressed that the new division’s U.S. base would provide more extensive access to the global market while enhancing the promotion of its products worldwide.

Among its responsibilities, the Product Development Group will research the market needs of consumers and end users, analyze the total need of the to-be-developed market and the potential market share of the company, establish product development projects and confirm the index of product functionality, standard, pricing, cost and net gain. It will also be responsible for managing and executing product development projects as well as "establishing and developing a product research team that meets the world standard," the company said.

The Product Development Group will comprise seven business units covering building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), home solar systems, flex rooftop applications, automotive applications, electrics, outdoor products and special applications as well as the product development center in Beijing.