Solarcentury wins approval for 28 MW solar farm in UK


Solarcentury’s planned 28 MW solar farm in Nottinghamshire, England, has won planning permission.

Known as the Walkers Wood Solar Farm, the installation will be located located near the village of Ranby in Nottinghamshire, England. The development will cover an area of approximately 57.4 hectares and generate enough energy to supply about 7,500 average U.K. homes.

The solar farm received planning permission from Bassetlaw District Council in September.

The solar panels will be laid in rows on an east to west alignment facing south to maximize exposure to daylight. They will be fixed through piles driven into the ground – no concrete foundations are used and therefore little excavation is necessary, according to the company. The rows will be set back from the security fence to ensure existing trees and hedges that surround the site will not be harmed by the development and that is it fully screened from the neighboring fields.

"We listened to the concerns of locals during the planning process and have tried to address these with the approved scheme," said project manager Tom Illsley.

The site was originally identified by Savills, which provides site searching, landowner negotiations and planning services to Solarcentury. The Walkers Wood Solar Farm represents Savills and Solarcentury’s largest installation to date.

"The combination of Solarcentury, one of the U.K.’s oldest solar companies, and Savills, the U.K.’s largest land and property consultancy company, demonstrates that experience counts; we are very proud to have now helped Solarcentury achieve 11 consented solar farm developments in the U.K.," said

Savill project manager Gregory Dix.

Solarcentury said work on the PV farm was likely to begin later this year.