Bosch Power Tec shutters inverter, storage plants in Germany


In what appears to be a further cutback in its commitment to solar, Bosch is closing Bosch Power Tec sites in Hamburg and in the town of Bad Vilbel in Hessen.

A Bosch spokesman confirmed to pv magazine that the company planned to bundle its inverter and storage activities at the Bosch Power Tec headquarters in Böblingen, Baden-Württemberg. He stressed that Bosch would continue to develop and produce inverters and storage systems. "We will focus on a new generation of inverters," the spokesman said, adding that Bosch was planning a stronger integration of electrical and thermal storage systems.

The Bosch spokesman declined to say how many employees would be affected by the closures of the Hamburg and Bad Vilbel sites. The company is currently reviewing the transfer of employees, either to Böblingen or to other divisions in the group, some of which have already been completed. Employees that could not be transferred within the company have received compensation offers.

Bosch Power Tec expects the relocation of its inverter and storage activities to Böblingen to be completed in the first quarter of next year.