JinkoSolar launches O2O e-commerce platform


Jinkoyun, translated as Jinko Cloud, is an O2O (online to offline) platform aiming to serve residential and commercial solar customers in China who are interested in installing PV systems on the roofs of their houses or factory buildings, for example.

Described as a "one-stop shop," the platform aims to help customers design, construct and finance small PV systems. Available on both PCs and mobile devices, information on such issues as current policies, economic feasibility, project design, equipment selection, grid connection applications and after sales maintenance is available.

Meanwhile, manufacturers, distributers, and EPC companies, for instance, can make their products and services available for customers to view, both on- and off-line. It is hoped the online platform will allow for faster interaction times between solar customers and businesses, meaning products and services can be quickly revised and tailored, based on feedback.

Different from other "Cloud" concept online platforms, like Solarbao by SPI Solar, or Apollo Solar by Envision Energy, Jinkoyun is said to connect much more closely with its customers, and should help them more cost-effectively and efficiently install small PV systems.

Via Jinkoyun, JinkoSolar plans to serve the global distributed PV market. The Chinese manufacturer aims to roll out its website and offline stores across the main solar markets out by 2020, and is targeting a sales volume of over RMB 10 billion (around US$1.6 billion).