NRG, Ice Energy to roll out 25 MW of energy storage in California


Under their recently awarded 20 year contracts, the two energy companies will install 25.6 MW of behind-the-meter energy storage solutions for Southern California Edison. The aim is to reduce California’s peak energy demand.

Following final approval from the California Public Utilities Commission, around 1,800 Ice Bear units are set to be fitted atop rooftop commercial AC systems in Orange County in early 2016.

The Ice Bear freezes 450 gallons of water in its insulated tank during the night, the stored ice of which is then used to cool hot refrigerant during the day via a modified evaporator coil installed in the conventional air conditioning unit.

Each unit is said to deliver an average reduction of 12 kW of source equivalent peak demand for a daily minimum of six hours. "Each Ice Bear can reduce harmful CO2 emissions by up to four tons per year," said the companies in a statement released.

The financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed.