Gildemeister installs CellCube energy storage in Czech Republic


Gildemeister has successfully completed two storage projects in the Czech Republic via the cooperation with B64, Gildemeister’s energy solutions partner for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The National Park Šumava project saw the implementation of the CellCube storage system in combination with an 11 kWp solar installation and a 5 kW wind power plant.

The park is part of the Bohemian Forest, one of the largest connected forest areas in Central Europe and is home to a diverse ecosystem. Hence the project saw the need for an ecological solution for visitor transportation. With the vanadium-based CellCube energy storage system, electric vehicles can be charged and used by visitors. As the battery is also not flammable or explosive, it’s use has been deemed ideal for the nature park.

The other project was implemented at the South Bohemian Science and Technology Park, located in Budweis, about 100 kilometers south of Prague. The vanadium redox flow storage solution by Gildemeister, the CellCube FB 30-130 was installed to work with a 76 kWp PV system.

The installed system has a storage capacity of 130 kWh and a 30 kW power output. Gildemeister were tasked to develop this installation to increase self-consumption in the entrepreneurial innovation center and also to act as a safeguard against blackouts.

"We are very glad that the partnership with B64 works out so well," said Bengt Stahlschmidt, Head of Global Sales of Gildemeister. "For 2015 already three further CellCube installations are planned in cooperation with B64."

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