Trina chief Jifan Gao elected co-chairman of Global Solar Council


The newly launched Global Solar Council (GSC) has elected Trina Solar Chairman and CEO Jifan Gao as its co-chairman.

The GSC was officially launched on Sunday at the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) and is expected to be headquartered in China.

Founded by leading national and regional solar associations from both emerging and established markets, the GSC aims to unify the solar power sector on an international level, share best practices and jointly accelerate solar deployment worldwide.

Gao, who also serves as president of the China PV Industry Association, said, "I believe that the launch of the GSC marks a new era in the advancement of the solar industry and will form a unified force representing all members that share the same goal."

The organization will also promote solar power — already one of the cheapest forms of electricity globally — as a cost-effective means of fighting climate change and the most versatile form of electricity generation. GSC is pushing to accelerate the worldwide deployment of solar in order to avoid a greater than 2 degrees Celsius increase in global temperature. It maintains that a 10% share of global power generation by 2030, from less than 1% today, is possible given the right market conditions.

"Solar is becoming a major source of electricity generation today," Gao added, pointing out that Trina had shipped a cumulative 15 GW of solar modules in the past 10 years, equivalent to an annual reduction of approximately 18 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

"Being the most versatile form of electricity and thanks to its continuous decline in costs driven by technological advancements, I believe solar will play a more important and greater role than ever in tackling climate change problems," Gao said.

The GSC co-chairman expressed confidence that the organization’s establishment would "further drive the global adaptation of solar and eventually help to forge new frontiers in combating climate change to benefit all mankind."