Fourth German PV tender delivers 128 MW at EUR 0.07.41/kWh


PV power plant tender prices in Germany continue to fall, with a background paper from the country’s Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) revealing successful bids again well below the targeted EUR 0.08/kWh. Unlike previous rounds, the bidders will not receive a uniform FIT, based on the highest successful bid price.

"This shows strong competitive pressure. Compared to the previous bidding rounds, yet again bids are almost uniformly lower. This could be a reaction of the bidders given the large number of unsuccessful bids in previous rounds," the Network Agency noted in its document.

All of the bidders have paid the required deposit to the Federal Network Agency, indicating that the projects will all go ahead. The removal of uniform pricing is aimed at stamping out the extremely low bids evident in some previous rounds, which were made in the knowledge that all successful bidders would receive a uniform FIT on completion.

Regionally, 96 MW will be installed in only two states, with seven projects to be constructed in the southern state of Bavaria and six in Brandenburg, around the capital Berlin. 37 MW will be installed on arable land in Bavaria alone, with this fourth tender no longer limiting the total capacity installed on farms to 10 MW.

Calls for 125 MW of projects, under the fifth round of tenders, will take place on August 1. Again, a pay-as-bid process will apply.