Leclanché battery cell fab returns to full operation after fire incident


Following a minor fire incident five weeks ago, the German battery cell production plant of Swiss-based battery developer Leclanché is back in full operation, the company has confirmed.

Located in Willstaett, Germany, the Leclanché plant suffered a production setback in April when a minor fire broke out at the facility.

Since mid-May, however, the fab has been running at a steady production output, and this week near-full utilization was resumed, the company confirmed, adding that production level is now sufficient to ensure that delivery requirements for its various projects will be met.

"This fast restart was possible thanks to the safety setup that prevented any propagation of the incident, and thereby left the vast majority of the machinery unaffected," said Leclanché CTO Pierre Blanc. "This allowed us to quickly recover a sufficient level of production. We are now focusing on the full recovery of our production capacity."

Prior to the fire, the lithium-ion producer had secured a $28.9 million order prior for a 53 MWh storage project in Ontario, Canada – a booking that amounted to a 53% increase on the company’s 2015 turnover, hence the firm’s understandable desire to ensure its delivery obligations will be met on time.

The company manufactures more than one million lithium-ion battery cells at the German plant each year, averaging 90 MWh of cells.