SunLink pursuing Indian commitment with solar development joint venture


SunLink is pushing forward with the White House commitment that it agreed to in June to help renewable energy deployment in India, with a view to assisting India achieve its ambitious goal of 175 GW of installed renewable energy. The company’s latest development is a joint venture with local Indian engineering company Ganges Internationale to support each other over the deployment of 1.4 GW of solar PV in the country over the next five years.

The goal is to further accelerate the swift solar deployment that is taking part within the country, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi set a target of having 100 GW of installed PV by 2022. The details of the agreement map out a plan for SunLink to provide technology and engineering services to solar projects, while Ganges Internationale will manufacture, install and provide O&M support for SunLink single-axis trackers.

“Ganges has demonstrated a commitment to solar energy by diversifying our business to become a major provider of fixed tilt systems in India,” said Ganges Internationale CEO Vinay Goyal. “Integrating SunLink’s tracker technology with our well-established manufacturing capabilities promises to bring not only more local jobs but increased solar capacity to help meet our country’s clean energy goals.”

In June, the White House and Indian government advanced on a commitment to promote clean energy and energy security, and to tackle climate change. As part of the commitment, U.S. company SunLink agreed to help accelerate renewable energy deployment, by partnering with domestic Indian companies, which would also help to stimulate domestic Indian manufacturing and construction jobs.

“India Prime Minister Modi’ goal of 175 GW by 2022 is ambitious and requires a fast-track for successful implementation,” commented SunLink CEO Michael Maulick. “As I shared with Mr. Modi when he visited the U.S. in June, we believe that the combination of local, respected experts like Ganges Internationale with SunLink’s internationally deployable tracker technology and engineering excellence provides precisely the formula for success he is seeking.”