Sungrow connects 20 MW solar+storage microgrid plant in China


Chinese solar inverter specialist Sungrow has installed a 20 MW solar+storage micrgrid in China’s Shuanghu region.

The installation is the largest such microgrid plant of its kind and has 13 MW of solar PV inverters and 7 MW of energy storage inverters installed, Sungrow confirmed.

Shuanghu is located in the Tibet province, and hence is situated in the highest region in the world. Temperatures at the site can plunge as low as -40 C and can soar in summer – fluctuations that posed a challenge for Sungrow and other companies providing components for the microgrid.

According to Sungrow, its central inverters are specifically tested to withstand such frigid conditions, and also boast standardized container specifications that drastically shorten the installation time. In regions as harsh and remote as Shuanghu, reducing the labor required to install solar inverters yields exponentially greater cost savings, the company said.

"We are always dedicated to bringing green and effective energy to markets in need all around the world, especially for those who reside in areas with limited access to electricity," said Sungrow president Renxian Cao.

The microgrid has also been equipped with remote monitoring software to ensure it can be operated from more comfortable surroundings.

Solar inverter companies have in recent months invested heavily in microgrids, not least Switzerland’s ABB, which earlier this month unveiled its renewable-ready plug-and-play microgrid, designed to be installed in both emerging and mature solar markets.