Volkswagen announces shift toward clean energy and electric vehicles


“Going forward, our electric cars will be the hallmark of Volkswagen,” stated VW Brand Chief Herbert Diess, speaking in a presentation held at VW group’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany. “By 2025 we plan to sell one million electric cars per year, and by then we also want to be the global market leader in electromobility.”

“For most customers the electric car will soon be the better alternative,” Diess added, predicting a major breakthrough in the market within the next five years. Volkswagen is the start of its biggest ever revamp, and set to cut more than 30,000 jobs, whilst increasing its investment in future technologies such as electric cars.

Last year, VW’s reputation was shattered when it admitted to installing software to cheat emmissions tests in more than 11 million vehicles. The story, which came to light last year, led to VW group posting a loss for the first time in two decades.

Electric vehicles gained a serious boost from VW’s emmissions scandal, with several major manufacturers shifting toward electric vehicles in its wake. The public also seems to be on board, with Tesla Motors receiving close to 200,000 orders in just one weekend for its model 3 electric, which is yet to enter production.

This move, along with several countries outlining policies to support electric cars over coming years, has led some industry analysts to declare the death of the internal combustion engine.

Solar powered cars are also a quickly developing industry, the December issue of pv magazine includes a feature article on the adoption of solar within the automobile industry, click here to subscribe.