GoodWe unveils new string inverter series


Chinese inverter maker Goodwe has launched its new HT Series string inverter with capacities from 100 kW to 136 kW. Available in four devices, including two inverters with power of 110 and 120 kW. The series features a maximum input voltage of 1,100 V per string.

The 100 kW and 110 kW inverters have 10 maximum power point tracking (MPPT) channels and a weight of 88.5 kg, while the other two versions have 12 MPPTs and weigh 93.5 kg. MTTP voltage range is between 180 and 1,000 V for all products, which have each dimensions of 1,005 by 676 by 340 mm.

The highest efficiency at 99.0% is provided by the 136 kW device and the three other inverters have all a 98.6% efficiency. European efficiency is 98.5% for the first most powerful device and 98.3% for the other three inverters.

The transformerless inverters series is said to be able to operate at altitudes lower than 4,000 meters and temperatures between -30 and 60 Celsius degrees. “The HT Series can help maximize generation across the entire PV system with its capability of low voltage start-up and full output in harsh environments of 50 degrees Celsius,” the manufacturer stated.

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Goodwe said the new products are all compatible with bifacial panels, adding that they can also ensure 50% DC oversizing capabilities along with 15% AC overloading.

The devices also hosts an anti potential-induced degradation (PID) function, which can help reducing project costs by eliminating the need of a separate PID box. An integrated string level monitoring solution is also provided with the inverter, as well as a power-line communication (PLC) with optical fiber ring network. “To ensure high reliability, the HT Series features IP66 enclosures to enhance inverter performance keeping it protected from heavy dust ingress and high-pressure water jets from any direction,” GoodWe added.

The company provides inverters in another five series.

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