Solar film with integrated optics to increase performance of PV panels


From pv magazine Germany.

Already a well-known abbreviation in the world of websites, SEO could soon become a new buzzword in photovoltaics, if an innovation created by Finnish company ICS achieves what the company claims it can.

ICS has developed a solar film with integrated optics (Solar Energy Optics – SEO) that should increase the yield of conventional solar modules by up to 10%. With innovative photovoltaic applications, even higher gains are possible, the manufacturer claims, adding that the solar film is proven to be more effective than any light absorption process that has been introduced and tested so far in the industry.

“We found a way to absorb light rays and transmit them very precisely,” explained ICS CEO, Kari Rinko. “Our SEO film technology is based on integrated cavity optics that are not exposed to external influences or contamination, and therefore have the same lifespan as the solar module itself.”

The company is certain that its technology can make a valuable contribution in the drive for lower energy prices. “The SEO film solution increases the amount of light that is directed into the solar cells,” explained Rinko. “The solar modules benefit directly because an increase in sunlight makes the solar module more powerful.” Germany's Fraunhofer ISE has confirmed that the increase in performance for conventional solar modules with the solar film ranges from 5% to 10%.

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“A striking feature of the SEO film solution is that the film layer is only applied to the surrounding edges, either on the upper or lower glass pane,” explained Rinko. “Since it does not cover the entire area of ​​the solar cells, it offers further economic advantages by saving material cost.”

ICS says it has developed a solid production process to produce the film and apply it seamlessly to solar modules. The film is manufactured using a cost-effective roll-to-roll process, according to the company. “This means that our technology is fully scalable and can be implemented seamlessly on an industrial scale on a global level,” said Rinko.

The company says it is now ready to start pilot production, in order to convince photovoltaic manufacturers worldwide of its technology and the advantages. “The SEO film solution offers many advantages, such as a transparent and black reflector with a reflectance of 80% and an energy gain of 30% with transparent and translucent solar modules,” Rinko added.

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