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Solar irradiance modeling method for east-west oriented vertical PV

A Finnish-Norwegian research group has investigated model chains for horizontal-to-vertical solar irradiance conversion in east-west oriented vertical PV systems located at high latitudes. They have found that accuracy and bias of the model chains are different for the east and west sides of solar array.

The Hydrogen Stream: Enel cancels second hydrogen project in Italy

Italian energy group Enel says it is scrapping its plans to build a hydrogen project in La Spezia, Italy, despite €13.72 million ($14.7 million) in European subsidies, while Toyota has introduced its new Crown Sedan fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) in Japan.


New intraday solar forecast method focuses on cloud temporal variability

The new SolarSTEPS forecasting method improves ensemble forecast quality by 9.3% compared to approaches that consider only cloud advective motion.

New attempt to build solar cells based on gallium-arsenide-nitrogen-bismuth

A Finnish-German research group has developed a 6 × 6 mm low bandgap GaAsNBi solar cell with an active area of 0.25 cm2. The device has an energy bandgap of 0.86 eV and is reportedly suitable for applications in multi-junction solar cells.


Novel approach to assess performance loss rate of vertical bifacial PV systems

Scientists in Finland have developed a new method of assessing the long-term performance of vertical bifacial PV systems in Nordic conditions. The experimental setup consisted of a east-west oriented vertical array equipped with power, temperature, and plane-of-array irradiance sensors, wind speed and global horizontal irradiance sensors, and a weather station.


The Hydrogen Stream: India, Saudi Arabia sign hydrogen agreement

India and Saudi Arabia have agreed to develop electrical interconnections and low-carbon hydrogen, while Masdar has partnered with Boeing ion the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) industry.


EU cross-border solar auction largely oversubscribed

The first tender under the European Union’s new €40 million ($41.8 million) multilateral solar scheme – targeting 5 MW to 100 MW projects based in Finland and providing energy to Luxembourg – has been ‘oversubscribed’ with bids ‘significantly exceeding target volumes’, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy recently announced.

Alight to build 100 MW solar plant in Finland

Swedish solar developer Alight says it will enter the Finnish PV market for the first time early next year with a 100 MW ground-mounted solar park in Eurajoki. Alight COO Warren Campbell tells pv magazine that the array will be a ‘big project by Finnish standards.’


Research shows heat pumps perform better than fossil fuel heating in mild cold climates

A British research group has aggregated information from seven field studies on heat pumps from around the world and has found air-source devices have an average coefficient of performance (COP) of 2.74 when temperatures are above −10 C. Below that, COP is between 1.5 and 2.

Scientists analyze seasonal performance of rooftop, vertical PV in the Arctic

New research from Finland shows that the best season for rooftop PV generation in the Arctic is spring, and that the best tilt angle for rooftop systems is 28 degrees. It also showed that vertical PV installations perform better in winter.

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