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Finland to host 90 GWh thermal energy storage system

Vantaa Energy plans to construct a 90 GWh thermal energy storage facility in underground caverns in Vantaa, near Helsinki. It says it will be the world’s largest seasonal energy storage site by all standards upon completion in 2028.

Polar Night Energy secures €7.6 million to scale-up sand battery technology

The Finnish startup says the funding will go towards several key purposes, including growing its sales and R&D teams and advancing capabilities in converting stored heat back to electricity.


Polar Night Energy to build 1 MW sand-based heat storage battery in Finland

Finnish startup Polar Night Energy is teaming up with a district heating company to construct an industrial-scale thermal energy storage system in southern Finland. The sand-based system will use soapstone, a byproduct from a fireplace manufacturer, as its storage medium.

The Hydrogen Stream: Wood Mackenzie calls for focus on life-cycle emissions

Wood Mackenzie has urged policymakers and companies to focus on the full life-cycle emissions of hydrogen, while a European Commission has revealed that a European business mission will visit Mauritania in March to explore hydrogen investment opportunities.


Solar-assisted heat pump for biomass drying

Scientists from Finland have built an experimental system that allows the drying of woody biomass with solar thermal energy and a heat pump. They claim PV may play a complementary role in the proposed setup.


The Hydrogen Stream: GM, Autocar aim for hydrogen vehicle production by 2026

GM and Autocar Industries have agreed to jointly develop hydrogen-powered heavy-duty vehicles using GM’s Hydrotec power cubes, while European lawmakers have reached a provisional agreement on common market rules for renewable gases and hydrogen.

Finland’s gold rush: navigating the solar landscape

In the land of a thousand lakes and long, harsh winters, a surprising gold rush is under way – not for precious metals but for sunlight. Finland, often associated with its stunning natural landscapes, has become an unlikely contender in the global renewable energy market, particularly in the realm of solar power.


New model to predict defrost cycles, behavior of air-sourced heat pumps in cold weather

UK-based researchers have developed a novel method to estimate the amount of defrost cycles a heat pump will experience in the winter and how much energy it would require to implement the cycles. The results of their simulation showed a strong relationship between the number of defrost cycles and the ambient temperature.

Solar irradiance modeling method for east-west oriented vertical PV

A Finnish-Norwegian research group has investigated model chains for horizontal-to-vertical solar irradiance conversion in east-west oriented vertical PV systems located at high latitudes. They have found that accuracy and bias of the model chains are different for the east and west sides of solar array.


The Hydrogen Stream: Enel cancels second hydrogen project in Italy

Italian energy group Enel says it is scrapping its plans to build a hydrogen project in La Spezia, Italy, despite €13.72 million ($14.7 million) in European subsidies, while Toyota has introduced its new Crown Sedan fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) in Japan.


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