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The Hydrogen Stream: strong push from France, new plans and deals in UK, Italy, Brazil, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Portugal
Apr 09, 2021
The nascent hydrogen economy has seen a good amount of…
The Hydrogen Stream: 20 MW electrolyzer in Spain, hydrogen alliance between Russia and Germany
Apr 30, 2021
BP, Iberdrola and Enagás will power a 20 MW electrolyzer…
The Hydrogen Stream: Underground hydrogen storage for 1 MW electrolyzer in France
Jan 28, 2022
Elsewhere, several hydrogen projects were announced in Norway, Germany, India,…
The Hydrogen Stream: Fuel cell engines for stationary power uses
Apr 15, 2022
In other news, Airbus and Kawasaki Heavy Industries plan to…
The Hydrogen Stream: ZF reactor tech for hydrogen production via steam methane reforming
Nov 05, 2021
Big plans for hydrogen development were announced this week in…
The Hydrogen Stream: What the EU’s Fit for 55 means for hydrogen
Jul 16, 2021
The revision of the EU Energy Taxation Directive (ETD) and…
The Hydrogen Stream: Heavy-duty hydrogen refueling station in Germany
Apr 08, 2022
Everfuel has signed a deal to build a hydrogen refueling…
The Hydrogen Stream: Ørsted kicks off first project, ArcelorMittal moves towards blue hydrogen
May 18, 2021
A Greek consortium is also planning to invest €8 billion…
The Hydrogen Stream: Hydrogen-powered heavy-lift unmanned aerial vehicle from Korea
Oct 29, 2021
UK research firm Wood Mackenzie reports that Northeast Asia and…
The Hydrogen Stream: Siemens targets $1.50/kg by 2025, BP and Saudi Aramco bet on blue hydrogen
Mar 26, 2021
The German company expects to roll out its in-house proton…
The Hydrogen Stream: High-pressure PEMEL electrolyzers for lower hydrogen costs
Apr 29, 2022
Elsewhere, Lotte Chemical and Air Liquid Korea will establish a…
The Hydrogen Stream: 39,700 km European hydrogen network planned, Germany means business
Apr 16, 2021
Several heavyweights in Germany have announced projects to move forward…
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