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Portugal powered solely by renewables last weekend

Portugal generated 172.5 GWh of renewable electricity between Friday and Saturday. Its output included 97.6 GWh of wind, 68.3 GWh of hydro, and 6.6 GWh of PV. It exported surplus power to Spain, while consuming 131.1 GWh.


French firms deploy 10 wind-PV generators on commercial rooftop

Segula Technologies and Wind my Roof recently installed 10 hybrid wind-solar generators on the rooftop of a commercial building. Each system features a 1,500 W wind turbine and two 800 W solar modules. A smart storage system will support a microgrid in the building.


Key takeaways from Spain’s Efintec trade show

Efintec 2023 concluded last week, featuring more than 160 exhibitors and drawing 8,000 attendees, up 15% from 2022.

Amazon announces 17 new PV plants in Spain

Amazon has announced the launch of 24 new solar projects in Spain, featuring 19 off-site installations and five rooftop PV arrays on Amazon’s buildings, adding 794 MW to its total renewable energy capacity in the country.


Sustainable solar ‘net zero plus’ home built with LEGO

Alexis Issaharoff has created the ‘Sustainable Solar House’ project, which generates and produces its own food, water and energy. If the project gets enough votes, LEGO will consider creating it as a kit.


New online platform in Spain facilitates investments in wind, PV, storage projects

Spanish company nTeaser recently launched a new platform that connects developers and investors to buy and sell renewable energy projects without intermediaries.

Pexapark says European developers secured 14 solar PPAs in September

Pexapark says developers signed 17 long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) in Europe in September, with 14 of them specifically involving solar projects.

Growth of solar, wind cuts emissions in global electricity sector

Wind and solar are the only sources of electricity that have substantially increased in terms of generation and their share in the global energy mix, according to UK consultancy firm Ember.


Key takeaways from Spain’s Foro Solar

The latest edition of Foro Solar, hosted by the Spanish solar association, UNEF, showcased Spain’s advancing market growth, but also highlighted several challenges the country may encounter in the future.


Spanish startup unveils distributed-generation wind-PV system

Soleolico says its new hybrid system uses ultra-light solar panels from Spanish manufacturer Izpitek and wind turbines that follow the wind through a magnetic system. The system is also able to absorb CO2.