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New perovskite material for lead-free solar cells

An Algerian research group has analyzed the electronic, elastic, optical, and thermoelectric characteristics of the KGeCl3 perovskite to verify if this lead-free material may be used for solar cells and other electronic devices. The scientists found that the novel material has a direct bandgap semiconductor with bandgap energies of 0.92 eV, 1.26 eV, and 1.88 eV for cubic, tetragonal, and orthorhombic phases, respectively.


The Hydrogen Stream: North African hydrogen development stokes concerns

French researchers have identified a number of potential social issues that may arise as North Africa develops its significant hydrogen potential, while the European Commission has released the details of its pilot auction for European renewable hydrogen production.


New control technique for microgrid-connected PV systems

An international research group has applied for the first time integral backstepping control (IBC) as a control strategy for PV systems connected to microgrids. Through a series of simulations, the scientists found the new approach can provide better results than classic backstepping control (BC) and other techniques.

Algeria’s Sonelgaz reveals prequalified bidders for 2 GW solar tender

Sonelgaz, Algeria’s state-owned utility, is seeking proposals to build 15 solar plants in 11 locations. The projects will range in size from 80 MW to 220 MW.

The Hydrogen Stream: China Southern Power connects hydrogen plants to grid

China Southern Power Grid, a state-owned utility, has revealed plans to use alloy materials to store hydrogen.


Algeria’s Sonelgaz launches 2 GW solar tender

Algeria’s state-owned utility, Sonelgaz, is seeking proposals to build 15 solar plants in 11 locations. The projects will range in size from 80 MW to 220 MW.


Eni, Sonatrach start building 10 MW solar array in Algeria

Italy’s Eni and Algeria’s Sonatrach have started building a 10 MW solar project in Algeria. The oil giants also inaugurated a solar lab to test the efficiency of different PV technologies under local irradiation conditions.


New solar module factory in Algeria

Zergoun Green Energy has begun production activities at its new 200 MW factory in Ouargla, southern Algeria.

Seesawing energy prices renew demand for solar in North Africa

Climate change ambitions announced by the governments of Egypt and Morocco are symptomatic of a desire for clean power sites with regional policymakers leaning towards auction-set payments for clean power, according to a recent webinar.


Botswana-Namibia green hydrogen project expands to 5GW

The raised ambition of an already huge renewables-powered hydrogen project in the Southern African nations vividly demonstrates the hydrogen and clean energy potential of a continent which accounted for just 0.5% of the world’s new solar capacity last year, according to trade body AFSIA’s annual report.


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