Another big auction for solar in Brazil

After being excluded from the A-6 auction last year, solar will now be entitled to compete for 20-year PPAs alongside wind, hydro and thermal power projects in future procurements. The next auction will be held on September 26.


Solar distributed generation set for another record year in Brazil

New PV installations under the nation’s net metering scheme grew 137% year-on-year from January to March, according to consultancy Greener, and module imports registered even greater growth, signalling activity in the distributed generation segment is increasing at a faster pace. With the regulator mooting changes to the net metering regime, however, it may reflect customers rushing to secure current tariffs.

Brazilian power distributor Energisa buys 87% stake in Alsol

Alsol Energías Renováveis is specializing in the installation of residential, commercial and industrial PV systems. Energisa has approximately six million clients across nine Brazilian states.


Brazil to hold energy auction for non-interconnected state of Roraima on May 31

Selected projects will be expected to start commercial operations on June 28, 2021. The auction is open to both conventional and renewable energy sources, as well as proposals for hybrid projects or power plants linked to storage.

Canadian Solar sells 80% of 482 MW portfolio in Brazil to Qatar’s Nebras

There are four PV projects and all the facilities will use bifacial panels provided by the Brazilian factory of the Chinese-Canadian manufacturer.

Solar ready to take more risks in Brazil’s upcoming auction

According to Brazilian solar energy association ABSOLAR, PV project developers will be awarded “quantity contracts” in the auction to be held on June 27. The association, however, warns that changes in contract structures require adequate adaptation and correct implementation to achieve success.


PV projects totaling 26 GW to compete in Brazil’s A-4 auction

Energy agency the EPE has admitted 1,581 projects with a total capacity of more than 54 GW to the procurement exercise’s initial phase.

Brazil’s PV capacity exceeds 2.5 GW

With around 2,056 MW of operational installed capacity from large-scale PV and more than 500 MW of installed distributed-generation capacity, Brazil has now surpassed Chile to become Latin America’s second-largest solar market after Mexico. According to new statistics released by Brazilian industry association ABSOLAR, utility-scale solar currently accounts for around 1.2% of the country’s total generating capacity.

Brazilian government confirms solar will compete in June A-4 auction

In a document published in Brazil’s official journal, the Ministry of Energy and Mines said the upcoming procurement exercise will be open to solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectric power projects.

Brazil to hold next A-4 auction on June 27, solar likely to be included

The Ministry of Energy and Mines is planning nine energy auctions up to 2021. The plan includes two “new energy” procurements per year – A-4 and A-6 auctions – and one per year for existing power plants. It is unclear whether solar will be eligible and, if so, which auctions it would compete in, but Brazilian solar association ABSOLAR is confident PV will admitted to both.