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The Hydrogen Stream: Renault presents electric-hydrogen hybrid car with range of up to 800 km

In other news, Shinshu University researchers developed a graphene-wrapped molecular-sieving membrane that is reportedly 100 times more efficient than that of conventional polymer separation membranes. Topsoe aalso nnounced the construction of the “world’s largest electrolyzer production facility,” and Toho Gas said it would produce blue hydrogen in Japan for local consumption.


Brazil to become major global solar market by 2026, says SolarPower Europe

SolarPower Europe launched its “Global Market Outlook” report at Intersolar Europe this week in Munich. The world installed a record 167.8 GW of solar in 2021, passing the 1 TW milestone and giving rise to a new international solar star: Brazil. 


Storing renewables with high-rise elevators

Lift Energy Storage Technology is a proposed long-term storage solution that relies on elevators to bring solid masses to the tops of buildings in charging mode. It then lowers the same mass to produce electricity in discharge mode.


The Hydrogen Stream: Fuel cell that uses iron instead of expensive platinum

In other news, Hydrofuel Canada developed hollow hybrid plasmonic nanocages to create an electrocatalyst for ammonia synthesis from nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O) and said green hydrogen could be separated from this ammonia and sold at about $1.50 per kilogram. Furthermore, Norway’s Aker Horizons and Statkraft are exploring green hydrogen and ammonia production opportunities in India and Brazil, targeting local steel and fertilizer industries.


Brazil’s Cemig launches another wind, solar auction

The Brazilian energy company will award 10-year and 15-year power purchase agreements (PPAs) to projects exceeding 50 MW in size through this new procurement exercise.


BYD increases capacity at Brazilian PV module factory

Chinese manufacturer BYD has opened a new manufacturing line at its factory in Campinas, Brazil. It will use the new line to produce PV modules with a power outputs ranging from 450 W to 670 W.


Around 40% of Brazil’s wind, PV capacity is under private PPAs

According to a study by CELA Clean Energy Latin America, there are currently approximately 10.7 GW of solar photovoltaic and wind projects under bilateral PPAs in the Latin American country.


EVA the next supply chain pinch point for solar

With polysilicon production capacity having been rapidly rolled out after last year’s shortages, China analyst Frank Haugwitz has suggested global manufacturing capability for the ethylene vinyl acetate used on PV panels could struggle to keep pace with what is expected to be another record year of demand for solar.


IHS Markit: Battery prices won’t fall until 2024

The London-based analyst has published a series of clean tech predictions for the year which also highlighted the rising proportion of sub-5MW solar projects in the global market, and cheaper clean energy financing costs even as panel prices continue to rise.


The Hydrogen Stream: Europe’s largest green hydrogen project takes shape

Production for the HyDeal project is planned to start in 2025; the total installed capacity is expected to reach 9.5 GW of solar power and 7.4 GW of electrolyzers by 2030. Elsewhere in the world, India and Brazil are preparing rules and laws to promote green hydrogen, while research activities continue to increase hydrogen fuel cell’s efficiency and hydrogen’s use in the aviation sector.


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