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Novel method to calculate variations in temperature coefficients of solar modules

Brazilian scientists have assessed variations in temperature coefficients in solar modules to determine whether there is a relationship between the dependence of these coefficients and irradiance. They claim their work could be used to improve PV module performance modeling.


Brazil’s first large-scale battery goes online

Grid operator ISA CTEEP has started commercially operating a large-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) at the Registro substation in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. The 30 MW/60 MWh BESS is expected to provide backup power to the grid during hours of peak demand in summer.


Brazil hits 22 GW milestone

Brazil has deployed 7 GW of utility-scale solar and 14.98 GW of distributed-generation PV projects below 5 MW in size to date.

Brazilian developer working on world’s largest PV project

Brazil’s Omega Energia’s new 4.6 GW solar project is set to become the world’s largest PV installation upon completion. However, the Brazilian state of Ceará has postponed plans to grant it an environmental license until Dec. 1.


Brazil hits 14 GW milestone in the distributed generation sector

The Brazilian Association of Distributed Generation (ABGD) has announced that the sector reached the 14 GW milestone. Installed capacity grew from 13 GW to 14 GW in just over a month, “the fastest growth ever recorded,” the association claims.

Brazil allocates 23.5 MW of solar in latest renewables auction

Brazil’s energy agency has awarded 23.5 MW of solar capacity in its latest auction, at a price of BRL 0.176 ($0.033)/kWh. The auction ceiling price was BRL 0.28 ($0.0529)/kWh.


Brazil hits 20 GW milestone

Brazil has deployed 6.52 GW of cumulative utility-scale solar and 13.57 GW of distributed-generation PV projects below 5 MW in size.


‘Made in Brazil’ solar

Sengi Solar announced a BRL 440 million ($85 million) investment earlier this month to set up two solar panel factories in Brazil. The PV manufacturer recently spoke to pv magazine about the incentives that led to the decision, future technological developments, and its path to 100% Brazilian solar manufacturing.


BYD to produce 22.2% efficient n-type TOPCon solar modules in Brazil

The Chinese manufacturer said the modules will have a nominal power of 575 W and a temperature coefficient of -0.32% per C.


Latin America may host three more solar factories

Mexican solar manufacturer Solarever said it wants to invest $1 billion in a new factory in Jalisco and Brazilian PV system provider Sengi Solar said it aims to set up two manufacturing facilities in the states of Paraná and Pernambuco.