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Study highlights Brazil’s floating solar potential

Brazilian scientists have calculated the potential for floating solar generation in Brazil. The results show an installed potential of 43 GW for all of Brazil, with the state of Minas Gerais leading with 6 GW, followed by Bahia with 4.59 GW, and Sao Paulo with 3.87 GW.


New database for Brazil’s solar generation potential

Scientists have calculated the solar generation potential of every Brazilian state. The study show that the nation has the potential to install 337.83 GW of solar. The state of Bahia leads with 43.97 GW, followed by Minas Gerais with 41.84 GW and Mato Grosso with 39.73 GW.


Cenários para expansão da geração centralizada

Neste webinar da pv magazine Brasil, vamos discutir os diferentes cenários para a expansão da geração centralizada no Brasil com uma visão realista sobre a viabilidade desses projetos. Vamos analisar os números de possíveis instalações, comparar preços de PPAs, leilões e mercado livre, e discutir opções de hibridização.

Brazil imported 17.8 GW of solar modules in 2022

Brazilian demand for distributed-generation PV grew by 73% year on year in 2022, according to a new report by Greener. JinkoSolar was the largest module supplier in Brazil, with shipments reaching 3,065 MW.

Only5mins! – Prospects for distributed PV in Brazil

Marcio Takata, the CEO of Brazilian consultancy Greener, speaks to pv magazine about new provisions for distributed solar that went into force in Brazil at the start of this year. He says the new rules will slightly affect payback times, while ensuring strong growth volumes.


Brazil hits 25 GW solar milestone

ABSolar, the Brazilian solar association, says that the PV sector has attracted BRL 125 billion ($24.2 billion) in new investments since 2012 and has generated more than 750,200 jobs.

New study shows lower environmental impact with single-axis trackers

Brazilian researchers have compared the environmental impact of two PV plants – one with polycrystalline solar modules mounted on fixed-tilt trackers, and another with the same modules mounted on single-axis trackers. The life cycle assessment shows the system with single-axis trackers reduced carbon gas emissions by 24%, land use by 20%, and water use by 7%.


Floating PV reduces water evaporation in Brazilian reservoir by 60%

Brazilian and US researchers have evaluated the water evaporation rate of a floating PV system on a Brazilian reservoir. They said that the 130 kW installation reduced evaporation by 60%, and claimed that a 5 MW system could save enough water for 196 people per year.


Brazil has 17 GW of distributed solar, with 32 GW under development

The Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy (ABSolar) says the country has reached 17 GW of installed solar capacity for PV projects below 5 MW in size. Over the past three months, connection requests for distributed-generation PV projects have hit 32 GW.

Only5mins! – Brazil set for ‘best year of solar’ in 2023, says ABSolar

Rodrigo Lopes Sauaia, the CEO of the Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy (ABSolar), speaks to pv magazine about why Brazil is poised to install a record-breaking 10.1 GW of new capacity in 2023. He says both distributed-generation and utility-scale PV projects will contribute to “the best year of solar so far.”


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