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Unified methodology for PV data processing, quality verification

International researchers have developed data quality routines to ensure data fidelity in O&M practices. They reconstructed invalid data through a sequence of filtering stages and inference techniques.

Cyprus’ largest PV park is operating subsidy-free

The 8 MW facility has been developed by a cement producer to supply around 10% of the annual electricity needs of its nearby factory. Under subsidy-free rules, the power will be bought by the Electricity Authority of Cyprus for the average price it would have paid if the electricity had come from fossil fuels.

Cyprus seeks land for solar parks

The Electricity Authority of Cyprus has issued a public call to select landowners to lease space for the development of large-scale solar projects.


Cyprus installs largest rooftop PV under net billing program

The 2.5 MW array will operate under a payment system which guarantees grid operators will not be left out of pocket.


Recom to install 20 MW of new solar in Cyprus this year

The French manufacturer and EPC company says it is building a 4.5 MW solar farm in the country as part of a commitment to Cypriot PV in 2019.

Cyprus set to install its first battery storage and blockchain systems

The University of Cyprus announced plans a few years ago to build a solar PV farm in the United Nations buffer zone in the capital city of Nicosia. The project is finally coming to fruition, but with two additional elements: battery storage and testing for a blockchain system.

Cyprus to see a new wave of subsidy-free PV in 2019

Cyprus has introduced several policy schemes supporting solar development over the years, yet the single most important boost for PV technology on the island is a plan that backs a new wave of what are considered to be subsidy-free projects.

Cyprus sees share of large-scale solar rise

A 1.5 MW project financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was commissioned in Nisou. The plant is one of five MW-sized solar projects supported by EBRD in Cyprus.

Cyprus to expand PV via net metering

The Mediterranean country is launching a second net metering program after a strong response to a similiar initiative last year. Despite broad support for renewable energy, the nation’s limited grid remains a problem for future expansion of renewables.

Cyprus issues licenses for 23 PV parks

The Cypriot Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism has announced the results of its online tender with regards to the licensing of photovoltaic parks in the Republic of Cyprus.

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