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India surpasses 7 GW of unsubsidized solar capacity

India added 1.9 GW of open-access solar capacity between January and September, up 96% year on year.


Goldi Solar releases 520-550 W line of mono PERC solar panels

India’s Goldi Solar has unveiled the HELOC Pro series of mono PERC solar modules, which are built with PV cells made in India. They are available in mono facial and bifacial variants, with power outputs ranging from 520 W to 550 W.


Big solar already pulling its weight on emission reduction – especially in Chile

Following a disappointing COP27 climate change summit in November, solar industry veteran Philip Wolfe reviews the contribution utility-scale PV is starting to make to emissions reduction.


India installed 11.2 GW of solar in January-September period

India added 9.3 GW of utility-scale solar in the first nine months of 2022, as well as 1.3 GW of rooftop capacity and 600 MW of offgrid PV projects.


Poweron presents new hybrid inverters for residential solar applications

India’s Poweron has developed wall-mount hybrid solar inverters with nominal power ratings of 3.68 kW, 4.6 kW, and 5 kW. They are compatible with lead-acid and Li-ion batteries.


Gravitricity launches gravity energy storage pilot in India

UK-based Gravitricity plans to set up a pilot demonstration project for its gravity energy storage systems in India.


Scientists make first attempt to design solar cells based on kusachiite

Indian scientists have designed a thin-film solar cell that uses a mineral made of binary copper(II) and bismuth(III) oxide. They identified a cell design with a tin sulfide buffer layer that offers efficiencies close to 27.7%.


India added 3.3 GW of solar in Q3

India installed 3.3 GW of PV in the third quarter, including 2.6 GW of utility-scale projects, 485 MW of rooftop arrays, and 251 MW off-grid capacity.


Greenleap Robotics unveils fully autonomous robot to clean solar panels

Greenleap Robotics has built the Lotus A4000 cleaning robot with automotive-grade components to serve as a reliable way to clean solar panels in arid regions.


Impacts of clouds, aerosols on solar in China, India

Chinese researchers have modeled the impacts of clouds and aerosols on PV potential in southern China and northern India, which are similar in terms of latitude and elevation. They found that China offers lower PV potential due to a higher cloud effect.


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