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Shikun & Binui wins tender for 130 MW solar highway project in Israel

Israeli developer Shikun & Binui Energy says it will operate a 130 MW solar project next to a highway in Israel for a period of 25 years. It will also include up to 240 MWh of storage.


BlackRock increases stake in SolarEdge to 15.8%

US investment firm BlackRock says it has increased its ownership interest in Israel’s SolarEdge.

Israeli startup launches 530 W bifacial PVT panel

P.G. Solar Greener says that its new panels have a thermal capacity of 1,280 Wh. They can reportedly achieve an overall dual electrical efficiency of 26%, due to an embedded cooling technique.


Israeli regulator grants grid access to 2.5 GW of renewables

Israel’s Electricity Authority has approved a 2.5 GW capacity extension plan for renewable energy. The initiative will enable the connection of plants in the southern and northern parts of the country.


Israel to build energy communities in villages destroyed by Hamas

Israel’s Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure says it is currently developing a multi-year program for communities attacked by Hamas on Oct. 7. It aims to deploy 5 GW of energy in the destroyed areas, once residents return.


New research claims PV outperforms afforestation in combating climate change

Scientists from Israel have calculated how long it would take for PV plants and afforestation projects to offset their warming impacts caused by the darkening of land. The results showed that in drylands, PV fields could be over 50 times more efficient than afforestation.


Israel to use solar fences to protect villages

Against the backdrop of its war with Hamas, Israel has started allowing villages to install solar fences to improve protection for residents.

Israel’s Teralight to buy 16.5 MW rooftop PV portfolio

Israeli developer Teralight says it is buying 16.5 MW of solar projects for ILS 25 million ($6.4 million) from gas supplier Electra Power. It expects to generate ILS 320 million of income over the lifetime of the projects.

Israel temporarily waives 600 KWh energy storage permits due to war

The Israeli planning regulator says that some storage facilities will not need permit approvals over the next 18 months.

Israeli regulator approves regulatory framework for storage

Israel’s planning administration has approved the terms for deploying up to 16 MWh of storage facilities. The government said that due to the Gaza conflict, storage has become ever more important for emergencies.


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