Europe moves further towards large-scale battery cell production

More than a dozen European ministers of economic affairs have released a statement setting out the next steps to turn Europe into an industrial hub for large-scale cell production. The role of SMEs and competition was highlighted as ministers said European cells should provide innovation in terms of raw material use and sustainability, hinting at a pivot away from lithium-ion.


Malta launches second tender for solar plants exceeding 1 MW in size

The call is the second of its kind, and part of the 50 MW incentive scheme the island’s government launched in November. Malta is aiming to reach 200 MW of PV capacity by 2020.

Malta launches incentive scheme for solar farms larger than 1 MW

With this new scheme, the Maltese government hopes to deploy around 50 MW of PV capacity over the next three years.

Malta makes room for more PV

Malta’s water supplier has signed an agreement with Malta Developers Association and with Malta Chamber of SMEs to build MW-sized solar plants on the roofs of all its reservoirs.


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