Rooftop PV has reached grid parity in main EU markets

Researchers have developed a high-resolution geospatial method of assessing the solar potential of all buildings in the EU and concluded rooftop PV could provide a quarter of the bloc’s electricity needs. The scientists say grid parity for rooftop solar has been reached outside eastern member states with cheap fossil fuel electricity.


Romania’s solar rooftop rebate scheme ready to kick off

From Friday, Romanian homeowners and businesses may file applications for rebates that could cover up to 90% of the cost of rooftop arrays, provided the grant does not exceed $4,830. Applications will be accepted until March 1.

Europe moves further towards large-scale battery cell production

More than a dozen European ministers of economic affairs have released a statement setting out the next steps to turn Europe into an industrial hub for large-scale cell production. The role of SMEs and competition was highlighted as ministers said European cells should provide innovation in terms of raw material use and sustainability, hinting at a pivot away from lithium-ion.


EDP invests in off-grid solar, storage

The Portuguese utility expands its renewable energy business – traditionally dominated by wind – with a new storage station in Romania and the acquisition of a start-up, which offers off-grid home solar solutions in Bangladesh.


Romania launches rebate scheme to support solar under net metering

The rebate mechanism may cover up to 90% of the costs for buying and installing a rooftop PV system, but grants may not exceed 20,000 RON (around US$4,800). The scheme is intended to support the development of net metered residential solar projects.

Romanian Parliament approves net metering scheme for solar

The new rules may help the Eastern European country resume its solar development after two years of very limited growth. Only PV and renewable energy systems not exceeding 100 kW in size will be allowed to enter the scheme.


Romania’s PV capacity grew by only 3 MW in 2017

The Romanian solar PV market has ground to a halt, following the expiration of the green certificate scheme for large-scale renewables. New provisions for net metering and distributed generation, however, may come into force soon.

Romania to introduce net metering for solar up to 100 kW

Net metering contracts will have to be signed with the four local power distributors. The new rules will come into force after their publication in the Romanian official journal.

EBRD launches loan scheme for rooftop solar in Romania

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has launched a new framework aiming to help Romanian households to invest in energy efficiency, renewable energy and water-saving solutions. Solar PV is also part of the framework, which is the first serious effort to support the development of rooftop PV in the country.


Romania removes 12-month expiry date for green certificates

The Romanian government has approved a new measure to eliminate the validity period of 12 months for the green certificates. The certificates will now be valid until the end of the support scheme in 2032 and will be taxed upon sale, not upon registration.

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