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Saudi Arabia

Reducing PV module temperature with radiative cooling based on polymeric coatings

A Saudi research group has assessed how polymeric coatings, such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), could be used for radiative cooling in photovoltaic panels and has found that both materials could reduce the operating PV module temperature by between 1.15 C and 1.35 C.

ACWA forces offline Moroccan CSP plant following leak

ACWA Power’s preliminary analysis of a leak in the hot molten salts tank at its 150 MW solar plant in Morocco indicates a forced outage until November this year.


Perovskite solar cell with self-assembled organic electron transport layer achieves 21.5% efficiency

Developed by scientists in Saudia Arabia, the device is reportedly the most efficient perovskite solar cell ever reported to date with an organic electron transporting layer. The cell achieved an open-circuit voltage of 1.13 V, a short-circuit current density of 24.7 mA cm2, and a fill factor of 77%


Scientists describe anti-soiling performance mechanisms in solar glass

Laboratory and outdoor soiling experiments conducted in Saudi Arabia have shown that increased particle resuspension by wind is one of the dominant factors for high anti-soiling performance in photovoltaic glass.


Inverted perovskite solar cell with 2D/3D heterojunctions achieves 25.6% efficiency

An international research team claims to have achieved optimal passivation in inverted perovskite solar cells by applying thin layers of low-dimensional perovskite on top of a 3D perovskite film. The resulting cell achieved an open-circuit voltage of 1.19 V, a short-circuit current density of 24.94 mA cm2, and a fill factor of 85.9%.


Dubai’s high-rise buildings perfect match for building-integrated photovoltaics

Scientists in the Middle East have simulated the use of different building-integrated PV systems on Dubai’s high-rise buildings. They found that for buildings with more than seven floors, BIPV may be superior to rooftop power generation.


Saudi Arabia reveals bidders for 3.7 GW solar tender

Saudi Power Procurement Co. (SPPC) has announced the selected bidders for the the fifth round of the Saudi Arabian government’s renewable energy tender program.


Monocrystalline solar modules more resistant to hail than polycrystalline panels

Scientists from Pakistan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have conceived a new experimental setup to conduct hail impact tests for photovoltaic modules. The first tests showed that monocrystalline panels lose less efficiency than their polycrystalline counterparts with the same number of busbars.


New CIGS solar cell design with antimony trisulfide promises 31.15% efficiency

The novel solar cell uses antimony trisulfide (Sb2S3) as the back surface field (BSF) layer. According to its creators, this layer can be included in conventional CIGS solar cells to improve their efficiency and reduce the absorber material’s cost.


Key takeaways from SunRise Arabia conference

Saudi Arabia has laid out an ambitious vision to establish itself as a renewable energy hub for the Middle East and beyond. The market is growing rapidly, with solar generation capacity more than tripling in 2023. But obstacles remain for the Kingdom to continue on this PV pathway, and these challenges were up for discussion this week in Riyadh at the SunRise Arabia conference, organized by Solarabic and pv magazine.