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Novel hydrophobic, antireflective coating for solar glass

Slovakian scientists have developed a novel hydrophobic, antireflective coating for solar glass with a silica-titania thin film as the bottom layer and an inorganic-organic upper layer made of silica modified with triethoxy(octyl)silane. This new coating increases glass transmittance by 7% compared to uncoated glass.

European consortium targets end-of-life PV panel silicon recycling

A European consortium of 11 commercial and non-profit organizations is developing several technologies to make use of end-of-life PV panels by either re-deploying them or by recovering and reprocessing the silicon.


Sekisui Chemical to open solar module factory in Slovakia

Denisa Sakova, Slovakia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minster of Economy, has signed an agreement with Japanese plastics manufacturer Sekisui Chemical, which is developing flexible photovoltaic panels. Sakova says the aim is to explore the possibility of producing the panels in Slovakia.


Utility scale solar farms contribute to bird diversity

New research has shown that solar parks can play a positive role in promoting bird diversity in the agricultural landscape of Central Europe. The scientists said solar farms offer food availability and nesting sites.


Slovakia’s solar additions hit 220 MW in 2023

The Slovak solar market showed encouraging signs of growth last year, according to provisional figures from the Slovak Association of the Photovoltaic Industry. It says the country could add 300 MW of new PV capacity in 2024.


Slovakia offers $156.1 million for 2023 residential PV, heat pump rebates

The Slovakian authorities are offering €140 million ($156.1 million) in rebates for 2023 to cover up to 50% of the cost of buying and installing solar water heaters, heat pumps, biomass systems, solar-thermal collectors, and PV systems up to 10 kW in size.


German manufacturer opens heat pump factory in Slovakia

Vaillant has revealed that it has opened a new heat pump factory in Slovakia. The facility will exclusively make heat pumps from May, with an expected annual output of 300,000 units.


The Hydrogen Stream: Germany launches world’s first operating hydrogen trains

Germany has launched the world’s first operational hydrogen trains and US researchers have presented a novel design for a tubular PEM fuel cell. ABB and Hydrogen Optimized, meanwhile, have expanded their strategic ties and Slovakia has moved forward with a major gas-blending pilot project.


Slovakia restarts rebate program for residential PV, heat pumps

The authorities in Slovakia are offering rebates to cover up to 50% of the cost of buying and installing solar water heaters, PV systems with generation capacities of up to 10 kW, heat pumps, biomass systems, and solar-thermal collectors.

EU energy fund to commit $514 million for solar projects at Romanian mining waste sites

Panels will be installed at waste sites in five mining towns as part of the latest, €2.4 billion ($2.57 million) round of investment from a fund set up to help coal-dependent European member states with the energy transition.

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