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Researchers develop hemispherical organic solar cells

A Turkish research team has tested a hemispherical shell-shaped organic active layer for photovoltaic applications. The group found the shape maximizes light absorption and angular coverage when compared to flat-structured cells, suggesting the structure would be beneficial for applications requiring flexible light capture such as wearable electronics.


New approach to integrate PV-powered heat pumps into greenhouses

Scientists have proposed to use PV energy and heat pump-driven HVAC system in greenhouses conceived to grow tomatoes in the Mediterranean area. The system was found to have a payback time of only 2.9 years in southern Spain.

Optimal tilt angle for agrivoltaic projects in Mediterranean region

Scientists in Turkey determined the optimal tilt angle for agrivoltaic projects associated with different crops in the central Mediterranean region, and other regions with similar latitude and climatic conditions.


Topography-induced shading on floating PV

Researchers in Turkey have studied the impacts of topography-induced shading on floating PV at the Ayvalı hydroelectric power plant and have identified differences between the regions with the highest and lowest electricity production potential.

Turkey launches agrivoltaics research project

Turkey’s new agrivoltaics project, under the ODTÜ-GÜNAM Center for Solar Energy Research and Applications’ Livinglab initiative, will allow researchers to test products and production processes by developing tracker systems with control algorithms specially designed for specific crops.


Turkey could generate 120 GW through better solar rooftop rollout

Introducing rooftop solar “obligations” for new structures and public buildings, as well as tendering suitable apartment building roofs by municipalities, could help Turkey drive up its rooftop solar capacity to 120 GW, according to a new report by think tank Ember.


Turkish manufacturer Energate Solar announces expansion into US with new facilities

The company announced its two-year investment plan, which includes establishment of two facilities that are expected to ramp up production capacity to 2 GW in the country.

The Hydrogen Stream: Researchers test marine green hydrogen feasibility

Mexican researchers have revealed test results for offshore wind-based hydrogen production, while Turkey has started negotiating hydrogen facility partnerships with the United Arab Emirates.


New control strategy for PV-powered water pumps operating under variable atmospheric conditions

Scientists in Turkey have developed a new algorithm to optimize the efficiency of PV-powered water pumps. The novel technique is based on the Extended Kalman–Bucy filter, which is a predictor-corrector algorithm used extensively in control systems engineering for estimating unmeasured states of a process.

New control technique for microgrid-connected PV systems

An international research group has applied for the first time integral backstepping control (IBC) as a control strategy for PV systems connected to microgrids. Through a series of simulations, the scientists found the new approach can provide better results than classic backstepping control (BC) and other techniques.

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