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EU set to dig into raw materials supply

The European Union has drawn up new regulations to boost the domestic mining of raw materials and support production of renewable energy products and materials at home. Will it be enough to incentivize investment, or will Europe trail other major economies, such as the United States and China?

US solar prices double European costs amid regulatory challenges

The requirements of measures such as the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) mean that solar panel prices in the United States can be twice as much as in Europe.

Turkey’s solar ambitions range beyond its borders

The number of module assembly businesses in Türkiye continues to rise but, despite protectionist moves to support domestic manufacturing, consolidation appears likely. Ambitions abroad, expansion at home, and interest from Chinese suppliers, were all on show at the recent SolarEX trade fair in Istanbul.


Key takeaways from SolarEX, Istanbul

Import duties and domestic incentives continue to shape the Turkish solar market. Despite protectionism, there was a significant Chinese presence at the SolarEX trade fair as new manufacturers rely on Asian resources.


Asunim to build 40 MW solar project at wind farm in Turkey

Ankara-based renewable energy developer Asunim will construct the 40 MW solar plant at an existing wind power plant in northwestern Turkey. The solar-wind hybrid is expected to be completed within five months.


Turkey’s PV fleet surpasses 12 GW

Turkey’s total installed PV capacity reached 12.4 GW at the end of February. Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Alparslan Bayraktar says the country aims to add 3.5 GW of PV every year through to 2035.


Turkey introduces duties on PV module imports from 5 countries

The Turkish government has decided to impose a tariff of $25 per square meter on solar modules imported from Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Croatia, and Jordan.


Sinovoltaics tracks emerging PV manufacturing hubs in Europe, North America

Sinovoltaics is studying the changes in the supply chains in manufacturing hubs in Europe and North America to determine site capacity, current and planned, for dozens of manufacturers. The results are being published in free reports.


Researchers develop hemispherical organic solar cells

A Turkish research team has tested a hemispherical shell-shaped organic active layer for photovoltaic applications. The group found the shape maximizes light absorption and angular coverage when compared to flat-structured cells, suggesting the structure would be beneficial for applications requiring flexible light capture such as wearable electronics.


New approach to integrate PV-powered heat pumps into greenhouses

Scientists have proposed to use PV energy and heat pump-driven HVAC system in greenhouses conceived to grow tomatoes in the Mediterranean area. The system was found to have a payback time of only 2.9 years in southern Spain.

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