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CIGS solar cells

Semitransparent bifacial CIGS cell with 10.5% efficiency

The solar cell was developed by Korean scientists for power-generating window applications. They built the device with transparent conducting oxide (TCO) rear contacts and a textured polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) layer with light-scattering and antireflection properties.

Vanadium redox flow battery integrating CIGS modules

Spanish and Finnish scientists have developed a solar vanadium redox flow battery paired with commercially available CIGS solar panels. The open-circuit voltage values were high enough to achieve unbiased photocharge, they said.

Can CIGS thin-film PV manufacturing return in the US?

A scientist familiar with First Solar’s earlier efforts in CIGS makes the case for the CdTe pioneer to return to the technology.

CIGS cells could hit efficiencies of 33%, say Germany scientists

Researchers have gradually improved the efficiency of CIGS thin-film tech in recent years. But scientists in Germany say the 23% rate achieved thus far is not the end of the story.


CIGS cells for micro-concentrator PV devices

Scientists have developed a new micro CIGS cell by using an area-selective electro-deposition process as a material-saving technique. It has a conversion efficiency rate of 5.2% and a high open-circuit voltage.

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