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solar tile

Solar tile made in Germany

German manufacturer Autarq is selling its solar tiles at a price ranging from €25 to €30 per piece. It claims a PV system built with these products can cover around 70% of household needs.


Large-size solar tile from Spain

The product is available both with monocrystalline and CIGS solar cells and is claimed to be the world’s largest solar tile with dimensions of 457 x 510 mm.


Tesla sharpens focus on solar

In an earnings call this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk boldly claimed that the company will soon be “the market leader in solar.”


Solar tile with passive cooling

Researchers built the device by attaching 17%-efficient monocrystalline PV cells to a mortar roof tile that was doped with a phase-change material (PCM). The PCM solar tile provided 4.1% more power than the PV tile with no cooling agent in the winter, and 2.2% to 4.3% more during the summer.

Tesla solar business hits new lows in revenue, deployment

It was a series of firsts, including a strong full year and Megapack turning a profit, that factored into CEO Elon Musk explaining that he has “never been more optimistic or excited about the future of Tesla.” Austin, Texas, has been confirmed as the site of the next Gigafactory.

Tesla now claims ‘lowest price for home solar’ – but process is ‘full of pitfalls’

Tesla has decimated its solar business from installation peaks of years past and its market share lead has long been surrendered to Sunrun and others. In December, it claimed it would install 1,000 building-integrated solar roofs per week – a figure it has not come close to achieving in six months. Is this any way to run a solar business?


Catching up on the Musk-Tesla-SolarCity acquisition case

Tesla CEO Elon Musk finds himself in the news quite often, from groundbreaking SpaceX launches to contentious tweets. Yet one story that has flown under the radar by the brash businessman’s standards has been going on for four years now.


A 17.5%-efficient dark grey solar tile

U.K. business Roof Tiles Technology Ltd has developed a solar tile with a claimed efficiency of 17.5% and power output of 175 W per square meter. The company’s founder, Antonio Lanzoni, said a PV system featuring the product would cost 25-30% more than a standard solar rooftop.


Despite solar woes, Tesla recorded its first profitable Q1

Tesla finished the first quarter of 2020 with a positive GAAP net income, driven by the profitability of the Model Y. However, the story was not so bright for solar, storage or corporate governance.

Solar tiles for new and historic buildings

Available in three versions, the product costs around $307-324 per square meter although prices will vary depending on project complexity. Swiss manufacturer Freesuns says its tiles can be used on historic buildings and can cover 100% of rooftops.


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