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Antimony selenide solar cell with 6.4% efficiency

Scientists in the United States have fabricated a solar cell using antimony selenide films with favorable crystalline properties. They achieved the remarkable conversion efficiency for this early-stage PV material by focusing on the selenization temperature.


Heterojunction design for 26%-efficient copper bismuth oxide thin-film solar cell

Researchers in Bangladesh have simulated a solar cell based on a copper bismuth oxide material, used as an absorber, with n-type cadmium sulfide (CdS) utilized as a buffer layer. In the experiment, the device achieved an efficiency of 26.0%, an open-circuit voltage of 0.97 V, a short-circuit current density of 31.61 milliampere per square centimeter, and a fill factor of 84.58%.


Avancis claims 19.64% efficiency for CIGS module

The German manufacturer said the result was confirmed by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The achieved efficiency is claimed to be a world record for a CIGS panel with an integrated series connection of 30×30 cm.

Space-based PV sheets with power output of 1,000 W/kg

U.S. researchers are developing thin-film PV technologies to create lightweight solar sheets to support communication satellites and wirelessly transmit power to Earth-based receivers. A space-based solar array could include tens of millions of sheets, with a capacity of up to 800 MW.


UK solar innovator planning unique thin film pilot

UK-based company Power Roll has picked up £5.8 million in investment over the past six months and plans to begin pilot production this year. The company has developed a unique flexible thin-film technology, which promises to combine both solar generation and storage.

Midsummer ships CIGS production line to Russia

The production equipment was bought by Russian nanotechnology specialist Rusnano. The line will be used to produce BIPV modules at a factory in the Republic of Mordovia.

China could add 48 GW of solar next year – AECEA

The in-country analyst has revised up its expectation for this year and says a healthy unsubsidized project pipeline will keep the numbers ticking over in 2021. The spending plans necessary to ramp up renewables targets in the next five-year plan, though, could put the nation on a collision course with the EU.


Toshiba and Siemens Energy pledge to walk away from coal-fired power business

The Japanese tech giant and German power company have followed the lead of General Electric by promising not to take on any new coal power station contracts.


First Solar posts strong Q4 results, announces 445 W module

Strong net sales, 1.6 GW of bookings, plans for a 445 W panel, and environmental recognition for the Series 6 line point to another successful quarter.

Can CIGS thin-film PV manufacturing return in the US?

A scientist familiar with First Solar’s earlier efforts in CIGS makes the case for the CdTe pioneer to return to the technology.

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