SMA to deliver 100 inverters to medical clinics in Ethiopia


During the first phase, SMA delivered the technology for 50 systems with the Sunny Island and Sunny Boy inverters at the end of last year. In the second phase, another 50 inverters will be installed. The solar power plants with a module capacity of 1.5 kWp and a maintenance-free battery are used to power crucial equipment in the medical clinics, such as microscopes, centrifuges, refrigerators, and sterilizers, explains the company.

??The majority of the approximately 80 million residents of Ethiopia live in remote and mountainous regions without access to power supply, it continues. The country in Africa’s northeast belongs to the highest countries on the continent. Over half of the country is at least 1,200 meter above sea level. In many cases, there is no access to the public power network. ??It adds that the project will help to improve the electricity supply situation in rural and remote parts of the country.

"With a project of this scale, we can significantly contribute to a better power supply situation in the mountainous regions of Ethiopia," comments Volker Wachenfeld, SMA vice president Off-Grid Systems. "Especially the connection to a stand-alone solar power supply of the medical clinics finally ensures access to medical care. A sufficient health care is essential to achieve on a long-term more quality of life. This is where the off-grid systems make a contribution to the future."?

"To us, sustainable energy supply also means that the photovoltaics system operators are able to handle their own equipment as independently as possible," continues Wachenfeld. This is why SMA service teams regularly train the local operators. SMA inverters not only contribute to a substantial improvement of possibilities, but at the same time support the independence of the locals.