France to cut PV FITs by 12 percent from September


According to a Ministries news release, the prices that investors are guaranteed to receive from selling PV power to the central electricity supplier EDF shall be decreased from as early as September 1, to between 37 and 51 euro cents per kWh for building integrated solar systems. For ground mounted installations, the tariffs will fall to prices ranging from 27.6 to 35.2 euro cents, depending on the geographical region.

The Ministry cited the huge demand for PV systems in France and the financial impact it will have on electricity as the main reasons for changing the tariff.

Projects with a total capacity of more than 3,000 MW are already waiting to receive permission to produce and sell solar power: this accounts for more than half of the scheduled PV power capacity for 2020. According to the French National Renewable Energy Action Plan released this Monday, Paris wants to install 5,400 MW of PV power in 2020. By the end of this year, total installations in France are projected to reach around 850 MW.