Masdar PV signs contract to supply 1.5 MWp thin film modules to Indian villages


The aim, said Masdar PV, is to construct cost efficient, private houses, which are equipped with renewable energy sources, in order to highlight the aspect of sustainability and carbon neutrality. According to the company, around 3,000 people can live in each of the villages. It added that it is “particularly important” the houses, once built, can be financed by means of micro loans from Indian banks.

"India has major problems in providing a regular energy supply for the population – especially in the outskirts of its mega-cities,” stated Yogesh Sachdeva, managing director of IG Solar, when signing the supply contract in Ichtershausen, Germany.

“It is not uncommon for households to be without electricity for eight to ten hours a day. For this reason, we construct energy-self-sufficient villages, which improve India’s energy supply and offer sections of the population, which, thus far have only had a poor electricity supply, access to a regular electricity supply based on renewable energy sources.”

With this idea, the enterprise is reportedly pursuing a similar concept to the one being implemented by Masdar, the parent company of Masdar PV, in the project Masdar City, located near Abu Dhabi. "Just like Masdar, IG Solar and MAG are pioneers in the field of using renewable energy sources,” commented Frank Wouters, managing director of Masdar PV.

“Here, the vision and basic idea of Masdar City is being realized in small units. This is why we are delighted that Masdar PV has been chosen as our partner for these trend-setting future projects.”