US: IES completes Orange County's "largest" PV system


Mounted on shade structures on the roofs of three parking garages, the system provides nearly 50 percent of the energy used to power the campus data center and central plant equipment, according to the company.

It adds that the array is now the largest photovoltaic system in Orange County, consisting of 5,472 Kyocera 210 watt polycrystalline solar panels and capable of producing 1.7 million kilowatt hours of clean electricity per year.

"Our Irvine Campus proved to be an ideal location for this type of solar implementation,” commented Reid McCartney, vice president of Corporate Facilities for the Capital Group.

He continuiied: “The existing parking shade structures provided the significant square footage required for economies of scale and a financially viable system. The combination of system capacity, tax incentives and timely rebate structures, make this PV system very cost effective over the long term.

“IES’s ability to install over 5,400 panels in seventeen working days was particularly effective in minimizing disruptions at our fully occupied campus, which our Irvine associates continue to recognize and appreciate."

IES chief operating officer, George Gisel, added: "This project shows that, even during a recession, companies like the Capital Group can ‘go solar’ because the investment payback periods are shorter than ever. In this case, the Capital Group should see a full payback in five years and the system will save them USD$14 million in energy costs over 25 years. Solar projects like this make economic sense and promote the importance of sustainability and corporate citizenship."