Tijuana recognised for solar forwardness


Kyocera and United Solar Systems were highlighted by the Tijuana Economic Development Corporation (DEITAC) at Solar Power International, held last month in Los Angeles. Kyocera’s Tijuana operation has over 800 employees and produces 500,000 units per year of solar modules. United Solar Systems is another example of Tijuana-based green manufacturing: headquartered in Michigan, its Tijuana division was started more than 18 years ago,and currently has over 800 employees (including a recent 200 person expansion). The plant produces nearly 1.1 million solar module units per year.

DEITAC’s president, Jaime Gonzalez Luna added, "Tijuana is a leader in green technology on the Pacific Coast. Quietly, we are doing our part as a nearshore manufacturing leader in solar, photovoltaic, and clean energy; as well as we happen to be a community that shares a common environment with the U.S. – so our environmental goals are very similar to our neighbors."

Gore is quoted as saying, "I am keenly aware of how important it is that Baja is a neighbor to California. It’s been a leader in green energy and accountability. Combined they are a leader in sustainable energy.”

Tijuana is the westernmost city in Mexico, on the border of the U.S. adjacent to sister city San Diego. DEITAC has been active in promoting the city as a viable location for green manufacturers and a lucrative investment center in the Americas.