Enfinity competes French PV systems worth 18.2 MW


€70 million was invested into the two projects, worth 12 MW and 6.2 MW respectively. Located in Les Mées, they are spread over a surface area of 36 hectares and comprise 79,000 photovoltaic modules. A total of 350 people were employed during the nine month construction period.

The installations were acquired by the ‘Doric Solar Provence’ fund. Enfinity, which was responsible for their construction and commissioning, is also currently involved with their operation and maintenance.

The company says that the photovoltaic projects’ construction was challenging, due to the fact they are located on a plateau at an altitude of 800 metres.

In a statement, it explained: "(…) the solar arrays had to be designed for the best energy output possible while avoiding any ‘eyesore’ problems for the people of the Les Mées and Puimichel villages.

"Enfinity took additional steps to integrate the photovoltaic arrays into the landscape with the novel idea of planting a variety of wild grasses at the sites to create a grazing area for sheep."