SPG Solar completes solar installation for Californian dairy farm


The system, which should reduce the farm’s energy bill by 75 percent, will produce energy to power a milking barn, corral lighting and fans, and manure and irrigation equipment.

Covering four acres, SPG Solar both designed and installed the system, which is comprised of 3,240 Suntech solar modules and two Solaron inverters.

Commenting, Mike Monteiro, the dairy’s owner said: "The recent volatility of milk prices has underscored the importance of hedging our input costs. The solar energy system will help us fix our energy costs and hedge against long term increases in utility power rates."

The financing for the installation was provided by Rabobank, N.A. and is structured as such that it aims to have a positive impact on the Lakeside Dairy’s cash flow. "By combining the savings from lower utility power bills with federal and sate incentives, Rabobank structured the term loan to potentially be cash flow positive throughout the lifetime of the loan," said Rabobank’s Gianluca Signorelli.