JinkoSolar to focus on increased efficiencies with new R&D facility


It is not clear how much was invested in the center, where it is exactly located, if new employees will be taken on board, or how big it is.

However, the China-based photovoltaic product manufacturer did say that its goal is to increase efficiencies to more than 18.6 percent (from the current average efficiency of 18.1 percent) for monocrystalline solar cells and over 17.5 percent (up from the average of 16.8 percent) for multicrystalline solar cells, by the end of the year.

Furthermore, JinkoSolar says it will launch the first generation of its "Blue Cell" modules in the third quarter of this year.

The manufacturer would not disclose to pv magazine specific details relating to production capacity or whether any sales contracts have been signed.

It did say in a statement released, however, that the modules have an efficiency of 18.6 percent "as a result of a number of research and development initiatives that will be rolled out by the company’s new research and development center".

Chaolin Zha, Research and Development Technology Director of JinkoSolar, will lead the new center. CEO Kangping Chen commented: "Mr. Zha has been with JinkoSolar for one year. He has great experience in developing cutting edge photovoltaic technology. We are confident that he will play a significant role in leading our research and development efforts going forward."

In other news, JinkoSolar CTO, Guoxiao Yao, has resigned "for personal reasons".

Kangping Chen added: "We appreciate Mr. Yao’s contribution to JinkoSolar. His guidance has helped us establish our research and development team and achieve significant improvements in our technological processes while maintaining our low-cost operations."