Global Solar Energy opens thin film plant in Germany


According to the manufacturer, 100 jobs will have been created by the end of 2012. Currently, 60 vacancies have been filled.

The 2,100 square meter factory was opened following the conclusion of successful pilot operations earlier this month. The flexible modules are currently being manufactured on a two-shift rotation. This is, however, expected to change to three shifts in the third quarter of the year.

The solar cells used in the modules are also processed in-house. Global Solar Energy says that, in order to "ensure durability", the cells are laminated between a number of films. The modules, based on CIGS (Copper, Indium, Gallium and diselenide) technology, are said to achieve efficiencies of up to 12.6 percent, due to "a unique mixing ratio".

"Production started successfully," stated Jens Mühling, managing director of Global Solar Energy German branch. He continued, "By collaborating with experienced suppliers, and as a result of the great expertise and phenomenal commitment of our team, we were able to commission and install the equipment in the new factory within just five months."