Germany: Solon to develop second PV scheme in Lübesse


Berlin-based Solon has already developed the first PV project in the municipality, part of the north eastern state of Mecklenberg-Vorpommern, and it will now commission, deliver and install modules for a second 2.6 MW plant in addition to the original 2.5 MW scheme.

The new plant, which is set to go online at the end of October, will feature 6.2 ha of modules – the equivalent of 10 soccer pitches – and will be maintained using Solon’s Vega real-time internet monitoring system.

"Solon plants will soon deliver a total solar power capacity of 5.1 MW in the local authority of Lübesse," said Lars Podlowski, Solon director for technology. "This can supply around 2,000 households with environmentally-friendly power. As a result, Lübesse will produce significantly more power than its approximately 750 residents need and will feed solar power into the public grid – a specific contribution to the energy revolution."