Conergy completes PV plants in Spain sans subsidies


The Germany-based photovoltaic systems provider completed its first self-consumption plant on the roof of organic restaurant La Sal Varador, in Barcelona last October. Since then, it has implemented a further 13 projects, the generated electricity of which is almost 100% self-consumed.

Overall, the 14 projects total around 75 kW. According to Conergy, electricity from the grid costs between €0.15 to €0.17, compared to solar energy generating costs of "just over" €0.10. These conditions, says the company, are ideal for the installation of further self-consumption systems, which require neither a FIT nor other financial support.

The systems are located on the roofs of both private homes and commercial buildings. "But," states Luis Jiménez Gutierrez, managing director of Conergy Spain, "an agricultural business has a different load profile than a restaurant or private household."

As such, Conergy now offers a calculation tool for the design of self-consumption systems without support, which is based on the company’s past experience in this market segment. "This now allows us to support our partners with the development and realisation of such power plants without any feed-in tariffs and thus advise and support them competently in a changing market," adds Gutierrez.