Singulus Technologies and M-Cells to cooperate on cell production


The intent to work together has been confirmed by Singulus chief executive officer Stefan Rinck, and managing director of M-Cells, Jian Li.

Singulus’ PV production units for aluminum rear-side cell passivation, which includes the solution for wet-chemical processes will be utilized in M-Cell’s factory. With the employment of Singulus technology, M-Cells hopes to increase its cell efficiency by up to 1%. The multi-cell efficiency is already up to 18%. The goal is to make the cells more competitive in the market.

Rinck stated that the demand for higher efficiency solar cells is growing and the combination of up-to-date technology from Germany with the expertise of M-Cells is a move towards mutual success.

PERC cells

A number of companies have been working on these so-called PERC cells (passivated emitter and rear cell). The standard p-type solar cell with a homogeneous emitter and aluminum back surface field (Al-BSF) is said to reach about 19% efficiency using the current passivation and metallization concepts.

If selective emitters are applied, 19.5% is feasible and if additional changes are made on the rear side, using the PERC concept, higher efficiencies are possible.

Singulus worked with the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hameln (ISFH) for cell technology development, and the cooperation resulted in the enhancement of screen printing silicon solar cells from the customary range of 17.0% to 18.5% in the PV industry to a record level of 20.1%. This was also confirmed by an independent measurement from the photovoltaics calibration laboratory of the Fraunhofer ISE (CalLab).

Singulus highlighted that the trend is moving towards improved surface passivation of cell rear sides. The company offers the Perceus, a rear side passivated cells production solution among its PV products. This comes with the wet-chemical process step.