SolarCity prepares for first utility-scale project


Construction of the 67-acre scheme near Koloa on Kaua’i island is scheduled to start in July and the estimated US$40 million project is set to be online next year.

Once connected, the Koloa site will supply 6% of the daily energy requirements of the island’s 68,000 inhabitants.

The SolarCity project is one of three being developed by KIUC, which together will supply half of the daily energy needs of the island, as KIUC closes in on its aim of supplying half of the total energy requirements of Kaua’i from renewables by 2023.

To date, California based SolarCity, which has an operation in Mililani, Hawaii, has concentrated on installing residential and commercial systems and was among the pioneers of solar leases which allow householders to spread the cost of solar installations over time.

The Hawaiian solar project represents the first time SolarCity has constructed a solar project for a utility.