UK: 11 MW PV plant gets green light


The 60-acre site is part of an existing sheep and llama farm, and it will provide the farmer landowner with a regular source of income. When complete, the photovoltaic plant will feature a total of 45,000 ground-mounted panels and will provide energy to the local electricity grid equivalent to 3,125 average households.

"The regular rental income it will provide will both cement our core farming business for the future and enable us to extend our llama educational, trekking and therapy offering," said third-generation farmer Tom Tripp.

In addition, the design of the solar farm will have a focus on biodiversity. The plan includes planting five species of native hedgerow and tree, and the sowing of seed to encourage natural wildlife, in particular birds.

"The 60-acre site was chosen for its location; it offers high sun irradiation which is ideal for a solar farm yet there will be almost no demonstrable visual impact," commenetd Angus Macdonald, managing director at British Solar Renewables.